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Galt Mega Marble Run

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  • The Galt Mega Marble Run is the ultimate in marble run construction excitement. Build simple marble runs, or more complex structures with the colourful, slot-together pieces. The marbles disappear inside the columns, roll down the chutes, spin through the paddle wheels and ring the bell as they go. Building a marble run encourages children to use their imaginations and problem-solving skills. The Mega Marble Run set has 100 pieces including 3 vortex, 3 paddle wheels, a wiggly bell chute, staircase, two way chute, 180 degree turn and much more.

    Recommended for Ages 4 Years and up

    The set contains 8 chutes, 42 tubes, 5 bases, 3 starter tops, 2 see-through tubes, 3 vortex, 2 vortex joints, wiggly chute with bells, staircase, staircase support, curved chute with horizontal wheel, 2-way chute with alternating piece, 180-degree turn, 'S' shaped chute, 3 paddle wheels, wheel casings, vertical wheel chute and 20 marbles.