Our Prices 

LT Moving offers affordable prices for moving pianos in Toronto! 

With an average cost ranging from $300-$500 before taxes, our prices are more affordable for our clients. The cost of the move will depend on factors such as your location, the size of the piano, delivery method, and elevator availability. 

The company offers prices starting at $260 for an electric piano and up to $390 for a grand (concert) piano, along with a free 1-month storage for some piano types. Tipping is optional and at the customer’s discretion. 

Piano type Average Price, $ Free storage
Electric piano from 260$ additional cost
Spinet piano from 280$ additional cost
Upright piano from 300$ included (1 month)
Console piano from 320$ included (1 month)
Concert (grand) piano from 390$ included (1 month)

LT Moving always aims to fit within your budget while providing a high-quality moving service.